Taking Care of YOU

Lately I’ve been trying to find ways, some that are creative, some that are more “normal” to make time for myself and do things that bring me joy. I think it’s so important to love others well, and I think taking time to take care of yourself is an important aspect of that we can […]

Minimalist Challenge : Day 10

Bathroom drawers and cabinets Books Decorations in my home Mugs Dresser drawers Craft supplies Meditate for 20 minutes Pantry Refrigerator Movies Anything I don’t love. A lot of gifts from high school or $5 movies that I thought I would like and didn’t. Even a few VHS tapes! And I realized… There is one movie […]

Minimalist Challenge : Day 4

Bathroom drawers and cabinets Books Decorations in my home Mugs Mugs are one of those things that just accumulate and I don’t know how! Between gifts and souvenirs and them growing legs and walking into your life without you realizing it… They show up in excess! I use mugs regularly, but the fact of the […]

Minimalist Challenge : Day 2

Bathroom drawers and cabinets Books I want to have read every book I own. My rule for today was, if I don’t really want to read it, let it go. And if I keep it and haven’t read it, I have to read it, and soon (time to get on Les Miserables). Read more about how […]

Minimal Living

A while back I packed up my Honda CR-V and headed for North Carolina. And while I did leave some things behind with my parents (thanks, Mom and Dad!), I was amazed that I was able to fit everything I needed in my car (and I didn’t even use all that I brought). After coming back […]