A Week at a Time | 10/14/16

When life gets crazy or exciting or overwhelming or things change, I write. It’s always been this way for me. And so as an extension of this, I am going to have a weekly, “here’s a little bit of life”, post. From working in college ministry to life as a part time nanny. Date nights and soccer games on the weekends. Reading and drinking coffee and squeezing in a run. Just taking a moment to look back at what the week has brought me before plunging into that all so wonderful weekend!

I feel like this is all I ever say, but work is consuming my life right now. Just as college ministry “mellows” out it is picking back up again. Ironically, this is the job where I have the fewest hours, but I am working the most on it right now. Between website management and starting up small groups and organizing weekly meeting, it’s been a bit hectic. Not to mention, flying solo this week as my co-leader gets married this weekend. All very exciting stuff, all very time consuming stuff. Continue reading “A Week at a Time | 10/14/16”

Through the Lens: Central Park in the Fall


My first trip to New York City took place last year, in August. I was (and always am) excited to go back. But I was extra excited to go back when it would not be quite so warm out. When scarves and boots were the best attire choice, and it was just in time to see the first few indicators that Christmas is coming.

My favorite was Central Park. Continue reading “Through the Lens: Central Park in the Fall”