Wanderlust consumed her;
foreign hearts
and exotic minds
compelled her.
She had a gypsy soul
and a vibrant hope
for the unknown.
— d. marie



The Writer

HI. My name is Lucy Milbitz. I am from Texas. I love my husband. I love my little dog child. I love traveling. I like eating apples with peanut butter. I love learning all the history. I think the ocean is the very best form of therapy and the second best is a run. I play soccer on the weekends. I really love The Office. And sunshine makes me fly.

I want to see the world. I want to build others up. I want to share a real story. I want to take pictures. I want to celebrate the seasons. I want to wrestle with truth.  I want to share the magic of adventure. I want to build a life that I love. I want to be a good steward of the time given me. I love the life that comes from traveling and I just want to see it all.

I believe in living a life that you don’t need to escape from. I believe in incorporating travel into your ‘normal’. I believe in living minimally. I believe in quality over quantity. I believe in making the most of the time given us. I believe in being intentional about surrounding yourself with what is beautiful. I believe in living naturally. I believe in community. I believe in working as a team.

And I want to get to know you. Stop by my Instagram or send me an email. We work best when we are working together. We were meant to be encouraged and built up by each other.



What good
is living
the life you’ve
been given
if all you do
is stand in
one place.

The Blog

I believe that travel makes you see things you didn’t even know you were missing. I believe that it is one of the most important experiences a person can have.

I am not a full time “travel blogger”. I’m not a classic “lifestyle blogger”. I’m not a “fashion blogger”. I am not huge adrenaline junkie. But I am all of those things a little bit.

I want to build a life that I don’t need a vacation from. I believe that there is adventure in every day, you just have to have the eyes to see it and a heart that wants it. I am always looking for opportunities to travel and make the most of it. Whether it’s visiting family, a solo trip, or a getaway with the girls, I make the very most of each trip. Life is real and it is sweet. Highs and lows, it is sweet. Somedays I see that very clearly, and some days I am wrestling to see it.

So, I want to be a lot honest and a little vulnerable and share with you what that all that looks like. I want to help you see ways you can maximize travel, minimize the weight of things, and feel great doing it! My hope is that you can be encouraged, have a laugh, and enjoy your life for just what it is right now, right where you are!

Why Am I Writing a Blog?