My Oily Favs


for ridding anywhere of smells

Aria diffuser

because it is beautiful and it covers the widest area

Thieves Cleaning Line

because I don’t want harsh chemicals in our home and because it cleans better than anything I’ve ever used

Savvy Makeup

all natural, plant based, essential oils infused, cruelty free, magical goodness for your face

THIS diffuser blend

ultimate zen, calming, chill vibes. Takes me right to my happy place. Also, Northern Lights Black Spruce is life-givng. Hello.

ART skincare

because your face is worth it and my face hasn’t felt better


Peace and Calming

because using oils for emotional support works. And I use these every single day.

Hormone Support

for me and for my man. Every. Single. Day.

Deep Relief

the name alone. I need it. This is one of my all time favs for muscle tension. Game changer.

Sleep Support

Because when I sleep better, I am better. Our bodies were made to need sleep, I want to make it count!