Minimalist Challenge : Day 4

Bathroom drawers and cabinets Books Decorations in my home Mugs Mugs are one of those things that just accumulate and I don’t know how! Between gifts and souvenirs and them growing legs and walking into your life without you realizing it… They show up in excess! I use mugs regularly, but the fact of the […]

Minimalist Challenge : Day 2

Bathroom drawers and cabinets Books I want to have read every book I own. My rule for today was, if I don’t really want to read it, let it go. And if I keep it and haven’t read it, I have to read it, and soon (time to get on Les Miserables). Read more about how […]

Minimalist Challenge: Day 1

Read more about how I feel about minimal living and also find the 30 Day Challenge list. Bathroom drawers and cabinets  Day ONE!! Feeling good. The bathroom, a room we all use quite often is feeling much more free. Great place to start to be reminded daily how much this process is clearing my life. That before […]

30 Day Minimalist Challenge

 Stand firm and walk free.  My mantra as I walk through the next 30 days. What I expect: I am planning a wedding right now, so while some would say this is a crazy time to do this because of all the extra I am bringing into my home anyway, I say this is just […]