Minimalist Challenge : Day 4

  1. Bathroom drawers and cabinets
  2. Books
  3. Decorations in my home
  4. Mugs

Mugs are one of those things that just accumulate and I don’t know how! Between gifts and souvenirs and them growing legs and walking into your life without you realizing it… They show up in excess!

I use mugs regularly, but the fact of the matter is, I only use one at a time. So while I do have more than one that I really like, I have a lot that I don’t need.

It is really gratifying to see how the pile of things to leave the house is growing already! And the dumpster is filling up also. I know the pile is going to grow even more when I tackle my dresser drawers tomorrow!

While I am donating a lot of the things that are leaving my life, but I need to say something about that. I am being conscious not to donate junk. Many of these places are run with volunteers (I know some of from the local stores personally) and they receive so, so, so much stuff. I am working to do my part in being respectful of their time and only donating things that are worth re-selling. I am not taking them a box of near garbage for someone else to sort through. I want to recycles and reuse as much as possible, but at the same time, the whole purpose of this is to be free from things. And I think that mindset can extend to the places these things are going.

Read more about how I feel about minimal living and also find the 30 Day Challenge list.


Minimalist Challenge : Day 2

  1. Bathroom drawers and cabinets
  2. Books

I want to have read every book I own. My rule for today was, if I don’t really want to read it, let it go. And if I keep it and haven’t read it, I have to read it, and soon (time to get on Les Miserables).

Read more about how I feel about minimal living and also find the 30 Day Challenge list.

Before and after.

All the magazines are in the recycle bin and now only the books I really enjoyed or the books I really want to read are siting on my shelf (along with a few seasons of The Office). Did anybody else love Nancy Drew mysteries as a kid? I have a collection of those that are on their way out the door.

Books have always been a point of exception in my family. For some reason books can stick around. Books are always the things that don’t get cleaned out. So it was extra therapeutic to get ride of a pretty substantial pile of them. Out. Out. Out. Also, a lot of these were hidden in the spare room, but now that I only own the ones I love and the others are out of the way, I can have those favorites out on the shelf.

Also, while we’re at it, can I say a quick thing about how great Kindles are? I mean, so, so many books in your hand at all times. You can read whatever genre you feel like at any time. And it fits in your back pocket. All that in your pocket! Not to mention the battery lasts forever. Seriously, weeks at a time. The minimalist-lover-of-books dream come true. And I know what everyone says, and I did think I would miss the turning of pages, but I really don’t. All the benefits far outweigh the lack of turning pages. In fact, reading in bed and getting comfortable to read for long periods of time is not even an issue anymore.

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions and photos are my own. 


Minimalist Challenge: Day 1

Read more about how I feel about minimal living and also find the 30 Day Challenge list.

  1. Bathroom drawers and cabinets 

Day ONE!! Feeling good. The bathroom, a room we all use quite often is feeling much more free. Great place to start to be reminded daily how much this process is clearing my life.

That before is looking a little rough…

Thanks for the support Zoe pup! Also, that striped bag contains my leftover/ready to go travel toiletries. This way I don’t buy all new stuff every trip I take.


After: all (and only) stuff I use every day.

A few thing went in the get rid of pile, but most things went in the trash and out of my life. And those shelves got a much needed scrub down!  AND I used the small world traveler glasses that I have had for a couple years now and have never been quite sure what to do with them. I got the cups because I really liked them, but I was saving them for something special. And you know what, the bathroom cabinet is not what I typically call special but, the glasses being used is way better than them sitting on a shelf collecting dust!

So there you have it, day one: Check!

30 Day Minimalist Challenge

 Stand firm and walk free. 

My mantra as I walk through the next 30 days.

What I expect:

I am planning a wedding right now, so while some would say this is a crazy time to do this because of all the extra I am bringing into my home anyway, I say this is just the right time. I want to really evaluate the important things and enjoy what I truly love. So, yes, I know there will be some things that are necessary right now that wont be in the future. But that’s how it is with seasons, and life is all about seasons, so we have to embrace it. Those things we can call excuses, we can also call facets of the experience. And I hope this thinking will bleed over into wedding planning. I think we are doing a pretty good job of keeping the main thing the main thing, but I want to have a sense of peace and rest during the planning as well as the day of and all the decisions and things that are being made and that stand ahead of us in this season.

During this process:

  • what I keep has to be organized and has a place
  • I am going to blog about each day and give you a little rundown of what that day looks like. This will include details of that day or the guidelines I’m giving myself. I hope this will inspire you, or if you’re already inspired and joining me, this will help you follow along!

If you are joining me:

  • make this your own! Just because I have a certain items on one day, doesn’t mean you have to do that area that day too! Make the list work for your schedule!
  • Adopt your own mantra for the next 30 days. For the month of April, decide your mantra. It’s helpful to have a word, phrase, verse, quote, etc. that you can meditate on and think on for a period of time. It s something to ground you, something you can come back to that gives you an area of focus and helps you to process and develop.
  • Change items completely! If you don’t have a dog, chances are, you won’t need to take a day for the dog supplies. You can make this a day of meditation (really, this can be added to any day), or maybe you need to add a couple days for the kid clothes or the play room. The beauty of this is, it’s for you. For your life and mind and greater good.
  • Push yourself. I know there are going to be areas that are more difficult than others. And I know there will be times you want to find a space for an item that, deep down, you know it’s time to part with. So I am inviting you to not only ask yourself the hard questions, but also push yourself to walk out the hard answers.
  • Remember, it’s just stuff! I KNOW it IS so freeing on the other side of de-cluttering your life from THINGS! So go for it! I think we will all be amazed in 30 days at the change.

So, you know what I think about minimal living, so I am ready to jump in and work on freeing up my life! Are you feeling inspired? Want to join me? I’m doing it either way, but I would love to hear from any of you who are also taking the month of April to bring about some change in your own life (minimalist or otherwise).  Let’s do this!


  1. Bathroom drawers and cabinets
  2. Books
  3. Decorations in my home
  4. Mugs
  5. Dresser drawers
  6. Craft supplies
  7. Meditate for 20 minutes
  8. Pantry
  9. Refrigerator
  10. Movies
  11. Pet supplies
  12. Shoes
  13. Storage space
  14. Meditate for 20 minutes
  15. Voicemail
  16. Jewelry
  17. Papers/files
  18. Bedside table
  19. Car
  20. Computer documents
  21. Holiday decorations
  22. Medicine cabinet
  23. Bags/purses
  24. Linens
  25. Journal for 20 minutes, uninterrupted
  26. Closet
  27. Be outside for 1 hour
  28. Email (clear inbox and block spam emails)
  29. Set up bill payments
  30. Office supplies