It’s more than oils

Joining my team, is joining a community. Joining other people at all different stages of their wellness lifestyle journey. It matters who you buy your kit from.

You will have everything you need to make the most out of every oil in your kit. With Facebook groups, classes, and webinars you can have all your questions answered. And I will walk alongside you as you start to use your kit and fall in love with your oils.

An Oily Business

When you buy a kit, you become a wholesale distributor, which means you can benefit from sharing the oils with others. There is no pressure to ever sell, and if you just want to join the community to purchase oils for yourself, that’s totally fine! If you do decide you want to pursue your own oily business, our team has great resources for those interested in going further. We have a private facebook group that you will be added to, a free business mentorship class, webinars for you to listen through, and more. 

Starting this journey can be intimidating, it definitely was for me, but walking through it together on a great team makes all the difference in the whole world. We would love to have you!

If you ever have any questions, about oils, or you want to know more about the business, please reach out! I would love to help get answers to those questions and share about our amazing team!