Good Morning

Morning routine. Do you have one?

I think I’m in a season of self discovery (I mean, we could argue that we all are, all the time). But I’m realizing that routine is so helpful for me, but my natural bent is to change my routine often and without warning! And sometime that wears me out!

I have been reading a really wonderful book on the Enneagram (something I would never have thought I would do), and it has already been so insightful! Larning about what drives you, what motivates you, what holds you back, and also learning those things about the people closest to you has been such a fun thing, and such a growing, eye-opening journey.

So, morning routines. I would love to hear yours! If you have one, and if not, what do you think would work well for you? I think everyone has different needs and priorities, and figuring out what those are is a big part of starting your day well. While getting up and working out might be super helpful for some people, that may set you back. While spending time meditating or reading eases some people into the day, for other it can create a sense of lethargy. What is important for you? What gets you motivated and helps give you the confidence to tackle the day?

Work days/week days:

  1. Wash face, put on makeup, fix my hair, brush my teeth
  2. Make coffee
  3. Put on scrubs
  4. Get the diffuser going, read a bit, snuggle the dog
  5. Get my coffee and full bottle of water and head to work

Days Off:

  1. Stay in bed til coffee entices me out of bed
  2. Take the dog out and feed the dog
  3. Drink coffee with my husband and discuss our plans for the day
  4. Wash my face and get dressed
  5. Often, not always, I try to get out and run or take the dog for a long walk

Work from home days:

  1. Get dressed
  2. Make coffee
  3. Take dog out and feed the dog
  4. Start diffuser and read
  5. Post to Instagram
  6. Go over my list for the day
  7. Make bed, get water, take coffee cup to dishwasher
  8. Start knocking things off today’s list


  • go to bed at a time that makes this a reasonable expectation
  • review your morning plan as part of your going to bed routine, for me, this helps me calm down and remember that sleep is a priority and fuel
  • don’t cut sleep out to make this happen, sleepy/grumpy is never ideal
  • remember why you’re don’t this/make a why for doing this. As humans, we are much more apt to stick with something when we have a solid foundation as to WHY we are doing the things we’re doing.
  • give yourself a break. Some days it’s really nice to NOT have the routine. Give yourself a morning every once in with NO plans. It’s good for you.
  • Be on the same page as the people in your home. Whether that’s a spouse or roommates, letting them know what you’re doing and why not only holds you accountable, it communicates a change that is occurring/gives the a heads up. Plus, it’s always nice to have people on your team rather than protesting you.
  • don’t expect this to happen overnight. Any habit takes a bit to form. So be patient with yourself, and take the time and the necessary measure to give you your best shot! But know, we all mess up some days, but that’s not enough reason to quit.
  • Don’t give up. Just because you mess up. The mistake is only given the power when it defeats you.

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