Are you doing your dream?

How aften do you ask yourself this question?

The trick is, even if you’re not there (and maybe that’s part of it, keep dreaming and such), you’re working towards it. What are you doing that really matters, what steps are you taking to get to ____?

We all have something we want to do with our life. More often than not, it’s not a single event, it’s a lifestyle. While our dream might be a single thing, the road to get there is not a single thing.

As I write this post (and I have been working on it for I don’t even know how long… I started it forever ago and couldn’t deal), I am realizing that I am not. My dream is to travel more, to share about it, and to be present. And I am not doing that. I am no processing, I am not taking time to stop and figure out what the heck is happening in my life.

When I don’t process, I don’t deal well. And I would wager that most people are that way. Whether we realize it or not, it creates strife inside our own body and mind that we just “deal” with. We don’t realize how much we have adapted to “deal” with the things that are happening in our life.

So a big part of me “doing my dream” is taking time to do better than just “deal”. Rather than just figuring it out as I go (and I’m not saying there aren’t time when that has to be the case), processing it. Taking the time to take care of your mind. Take time to reorient your goals, your priorities. Ask the question, if someone looked at my schedule/my life, what would they assume is my passion?

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