Minimalist Challenge : The Recap

Thirty days later and I own a lot less stuff then I did a month ago.

Stand firm and walk free. 

When I talked about what I expected, I mentioned that I wanted this mindset to bleed over to my wedding planning as well. I have seen how the last month I have been more confident with decisions we make and honestly, I wish I had been this way from the start. I am learning a lot about planning a wedding, and making decisions and it is really eye-opening. You start to see what’s actually important to you and the people who really care about you. It’s a really beautiful thing, but it can be a really hard thing as well. Having a minimalist mindset toward wedding planning means I am focusing on what the two of us want rather than what other people want. I am making decisions according to what we want for the day and the weekend.

I also made a point to organize everything that stayed in my life. Every area that I evaluated each day, has been minimized and organized.

Top Day: Decorations in my home

Honestly, this day is my favorite because it was a breakthrough. I didn’t realize how I was just comfortable in what I had around me, but it was no longer things that I enjoyed. It was so freeing to get rid of so, so much of what has been in my home the last 2 years and clean the slate so to speak. Seriously, it is pretty bare right now, and I could not be happier about it!

Least Favorite Day: Shoes

I said this in the shoe post, but I still don’t feel like I completed this day. I was not able to get rid of as much as I thought I would and I still have so many shoes! Even though I got rid of almost every pair of winter boots I owned (because I just didn’t really like any of them anymore/they were worn out), I still think I could have done better. And it is a little disheartening because I have actually bought shoes since then, and I know I will need to replace those boots for the Fall (maybe not all of them, but I quality pair of leather boots is on the to buy list).

Overall, I think the biggest way my thinking towards minimalism has changed is that it is a bit more difficult than I expected in that, it was sometimes hard to stay on track with my list. But as it goes for making it a lifestyle, it’s not actually that hard. If you want it, you can do it. If you don’t truly want it, it will be hard because you are warring against yourself as part of you wants to simplify your life and part of you wants things. I believe you have to commit, and figure out what you want. Doing that before you start helps SO much. Defining what success looks like at the first step helps the other to clarify the next steps of the journey.

Thank you to every one of you who followed along and joined it! I hope it’s been a great month for you also! 


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