Minimalist Challenge : Day 27

Happy Thursday everyone! Please check out my post how I feel about minimal living to find out what this list here is all about! And then you can find the entire 30 Day Challenge list to see what’s coming next! Only three days left, and what a journey it’s been!

  1. Bathroom drawers and cabinets
  2. Books
  3. Decorations in my home
  4. Mugs
  5. Dresser drawers
  6. Craft supplies
  7. Meditate for 20 minutes
  8. Pantry
  9. Refrigerator
  10. Movies
  11. Pet supplies
  12. Shoes
  13. Storage space
  14. Meditate for 20 minutes
  15. Voicemail
  16. Jewelry
  17. Papers/files
  18. Bedside table
  19. Car
  20. Computer documents
  21. Holiday decorations
  22. Medicine cabinet
  23. Bags/purses
  24. Linens
  25. Journal for 20 minutes, uninterrupted
  26. Closet
  27. Be outside for 1 hour

Today’s task works just about perfect because it has been abnormally cold for late April the last few days and we are expecting some spring storms this weekend, so I am going to soak up today’s sunshine while I can!

I am working on re-learning the importance of time to myself. Taking time to be alone is so, so important y’all. Doing what you love is so important. There is no other person the earth like you. Taking time to do what brings you joy is incredibly important. Whether that’s reading a book or writing or cooking or art or running or just being out in the sunshine. You should be making time for what makes you who you are and what helps you find balance.

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