Minimalist Challenge : Day 11

  1. Bathroom drawers and cabinets
  2. Books
  3. Decorations in my home
  4. Mugs
  5. Dresser drawers
  6. Craft supplies
  7. Meditate for 20 minutes
  8. Pantry
  9. Refrigerator
  10. Movies
  11. Pet supplies

I have gone through all the dog (and turtle) supplies, and it’s surprising how much stuff has accumulated in the past 6 months (mostly dog stuff, and also, can you believe Zoe has been with me for half a year!?). Another sweater here and an extra collar there. All things that were on sale, and served their purpose for a time, but now they just take up space and are not really needed.

Also, my very favorite little dog sweatshirt that shrunk and no longer fits. So I got rid of a couple sweaters that I don’t love so much to make space for getting her a bigger size in this Adidog top come winter!

Read more about how I feel about minimal living and also find the 30 Day Challenge list.

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