Minimalist Challenge : Day 7

Read more about how I feel about minimal living and also find the 30 Day Challenge list.

  1. Bathroom drawers and cabinets
  2. Books
  3. Decorations in my home
  4. Mugs
  5. Dresser drawers
  6. Craft supplies
  7. Meditate for 20 minutes

Friday, you can never come too soon. After the crazy week it’s been, meditating was exactly where my time needed to go today. Between dealing with a pinched nerve I woke up with last Sunday to kick off a pretty full work week. I am glad it is Friday!

I chose to spend my meditation time outside today as the weather is just perfect! Sunshine and warm and no crazy wind like we’ve been having the last few days. It was incredibly refreshing and rejuvenating. Lot’s of good conversations happened this week both about the minimalist challenge and not, and sitting and being and thinking and mulling over it all was so, so good. And the sunshine was a welcome, warming, added bonus!

Have you ever meditated?  

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