Minimal Living

A while back I packed up my Honda CR-V and headed for North Carolina. And while I did leave some things behind with my parents (thanks, Mom and Dad!), I was amazed that I was able to fit everything I needed in my car (and I didn’t even use all that I brought). After coming back to Texas, I ended up throwing away virtually all of the stuff I had left in Texas and got rid of all that stuff in my car that I had not used. It went to second hand stores and (mostly) the garbage can.

It was incredibly freeing. After living for three and a half months with only what could fit in the back of my car, I didn’t want the burden and weight of possessions. It was a weird point of pride that I could fit everything I own into my car and be on my way in a day if the road called me.

Now, after living in the same place for two and a half years (too long if you ask me), things have accumulated. And I kind of hate it! SO! I am going to do something about it.I know the freedom that comes from not having so many material possessions. I have realized the weight of things and know what it feels like to be rid of them. And so to that end, I am going to challenge myself to get back there! Not only do I not like owning so much stuff, I will also be getting a jump on being ready for moving in with my forever roommate come this Fall!

The challenge:

For the month of April, I am going to minimize one aspect of my life each day. I have looked at a lot of different lists because, I know, this is no new idea. But ultimately, I am making a list that covers the areas that I want to see change as well as taking days for time to reflect, be still and process change and growth. (Also, a lot of lists I’ve found include the play room and kids toys, and you know, that’s just not a concern here.) And throughout the process, I will post here regularly about my progress.

My list is mostly done, but I am still thinking through and changing a few things while I compile 30 days worth of change/reflection/stillness/giving up/living free. So that will be coming soon! But in the meantime, I want to hear from YOU! Have you done anything similar to this before? Do you have any recommendations for things to go on the list? Want to do this minimalism challenge with me? What are things you can or want to minimize in your life?

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