A Weekend in Massachusetts

This first ever weekend girls weekend with my mom and (one of) my sister was an incredibly fun success! Our four days in Massachusetts started and ended in Boston, with plenty of Cape Cod adventures in between.

When my Mom found out that she had some long lost relatives living in the Cape Cod area, we started looking into flights to Boston. She and my sister had gone out prior to this trip to do some research regarding her family. So here we are two years later heading out to Cape Cod to meet some of her cousins.

It was really fun to get to know some family we didn’t know we had, and being as how they had grown up in Cape cod, they had plenty of suggestions for local, hidden gems to check out during our trip.

We flew into Boston late Thursday night/first few hours of Friday morning. Our flight was scheduled to get in late already (midnight), but we got delayed on the front end and arrived 2-3 hours later than planned. So we bee-lined for the taxi line once we landed and went straight to our hotel and right to bed.
The next morning, we enjoyed sleeping in before loading up my sister’s car, and headed out for brunch in downtown Boston just a few blocks away from Harvard. We all got delicious iced coffees and then did a little drive by tour of Harvard before heading south for Cape Cod. Funny thing: we ran into a couple that was on the flight out with us (small world!).

The drive was pleasant and traffic wasn’t too bad. We made it to our motel, unpacked, and got ready for dinner with my Mom’s family. We went to a local seafood restaurant where we thoroughly enjoyed a great dinner and getting to know our family.

The next day we stopped at a local grocery and picked up a picnic before heading to the beach. It was a little cloudy when we got there, but the sun came out and we all enjoyed every last bit of beach therapy.

Post beach ice cream: yes please!

Of course, I found a local coffee shop. It was cute and a little hidden and dog friendly with plenty of outdoor seating. So, everything you want in a coffee shop! And their coconut and mocha latte was perfect and we started both days we were in Cape Cod here with a coffee and an everything bagel. We always drove because we were on our way somewhere, but it would have been just perfect for a morning walk too!

The next day we had lunch with even more family and enjoyed some traditional, homemade  Portuguese food before driving up to Province Town at the very tip of the cape to go whale watching.

We scheduled a whale watching excursion that went out right around sunset (when the most whales are usually out). While we didn’t get to see a great sunset because it started to get overcast, we DID see a lot of whales. And bonus! We got to watch some clouds roll in towards the end of our tour and enjoyed plenty of ocean spray! The boat ride was so much fun and the whales were amazing. So worth the time and cost if you are ever in Cape Cod!

We spent the next day driving back to Boston and stopping for every shop that looked interesting along the way. We stopped by Trader Joe’s to pick up some fresh salads to take back to our hotel for dinner before catching a couple hours of sleep and heading back  home first thing the next morning.

Have you ever been to MA? What are some of your favorite places to visit on the East Coast?

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