Looking Back on 2016

Re-cap posts are my favorite! I love looking back before plunging forward. Taking it all in and savoring it in a grand fashion, sifting out the lessons the past has for us as we take our next steps forward. And while I sometimes think my re-cap looks a little sad, I remember that’s not the point. And as I take the time to re-cap, the year grows. So here we go!

Here’s last year‘s recap if you’re interested!

January |

Biggest thing that happened in January, I started dating my best friend. Still crazy. And immediately after that I headed out for the East coast to meet my brand new nephew! Not only was it warm and he was everything precious, I got to spend a few days with some close friends and reminisce about the season of my life spent living on the East coast. Also blogged a little Through the Lens from Ellis Island.

February |

February saw me exploring local with trips to the Kimbell Art Museum for the Caillebote exibit (so, so, good!) and an evening at the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. I also took full advantage of the milders temps with a hike or two and talked about a few of my favorite things about NYC’s Upper West Side!

March |

March was busy with a work trip to Atlanta, GA. It was a long drive and a great week spent learning about the city of and serving alongside the great people at Restoration ATL. We enjoyed a hike up Stone Mountain and indulged in plenty of Cookout hamburgers and milkshakes! For a little bit of contrast, I talked about when travel just drives me nuts!

April |

Hooray for another long weekend girls trip to New York City! It was still rather cold for a couple Texas girls, but Spring was starting to work it’s magic. Not only did we stop by NBC and discover so many more delicious coffee shops, we also wandered through the Frick Collection and found the Friends building (and so many cute stoops in the West Village). Finished off the month immersed in event planning mode before every (immediate) family member came home to celebrate my parents 40th wedding anniversary.

May |

More local exploration with a solo adventure to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. One of my very favorite places! I wandered until finding a perfect spot to sit and read for a few hours. Note: May is the time that allllll the photo shoots (wedding, graduation, etc) are happening! So it was a small accomplishment to find that reading spot. Also, graduations and new seasons and parties filled many May weekends so I offered my two cents to graduates! Also achieved turtle mom status!

June |

Talked a little bit about the little (and not so little) things I appreciate more after I come home from a trip with The Joys in Returning. And, in case you were wondering, I found out: Colorado in June > Texas in June. And basically I just enjoyed more cups of coffee and some hiking and a dinner date with my sister.

July |

All about lovely Austria! This two week trip overseas saw time split between site-seeing in Vienna and working a summer camp in the mountains for high school students. I couldn’t get over the beauty of the Alps and I can’t wait to go back in 2017! I am already looking forward to that day long hike and eating gelato and Milka! Here’s what I saw Through the Lens in Vienna!

August |

A weekend trip to Boston and Cape Cod continued the tradition of spending my birthday in another state/country. So fun to have a trip with my mom and sister! We enjoyed brunching and beaching and whale watching. Add this to the list of places I’m hoping to re-visit in 2017. I loved the laid back atmosphere and non-pretentious feel of Cape Cod. I came home to birthday celebrations (which included macarons!) and a full work load to kick off the school year! And because of that, I ended up taking a little break from the blog this month as life seemed to get turned upside down and inside out.

September |

New job description: work taking over my life like crazy. Stepping into a new position with the college ministry was challenging and crazy and time consuming and growing. To attempt to balance that out, my weekends were all about soccer, either kicking off the Fall season playing on a city women’s team (Go Impact!), or attending my first FC Dallas game (my birthday gift from my boy)! Also stopped in to see Rob Thomas + Counting Crows at their Dallas concert. Blogging came in the form of late night notes and the beginning of weekly re-caps!

October |

Surprises come in all shapes and sizes. And I surprised myself with the adoption of Zoe! I had been considering getting a new pup for a while, and when I saw this little lady at the shelter, I knew it was time. The decision was made in the course of a few minutes and she came to her new home!

November |

November kicked off with a week surrounded by family during days spent at the hospital after my Dad suffering from a minor stroke. Not fun, but we were definitely blessed with some sweetness in it. We laughed together during the day and watched the World Series in the evenings over takeout. Memories are made in ways we didn’t expect, but they are made and we are grateful. Wrapped it all up with Thanksgiving with the boy’s family and plenty of exploring local while introducing my niece to macarons!

December |

I wasn’t planing on having anymore travel in 2016, but when my friend called me in September and told me she was getting married in Florida a week before Christmas, I knew I was not going to miss it. It so refreshing to catch up with so many old camp friends and an honor to stand up with my dear friend as she became a Mrs. And bonus: we traded the windy, single digit temps of DFW for balmy 80* days in central Florida. And spent the drive back enjoying plenty of history and exploring and finding the best coffee!

2016 // Tallied
  • 12 flights
  • 3 road trips
  • 2 train rides
  • 10 hotel stays
  • 3 animal adoptions
  • 1 new family member
  • 2 new countries
  • 1 new state
  • 1 significant other
  • 15+ new books read

So many people are talking about how they can’t wait for 2016 to be over, and while I suppose I  can understand where they’re coming from, I think it’s important to remember that January 1 is another 24 hour day like all the others before it and all the days to come. Change has to start with us. Change has to start with a mindset. It may be more glamorous to pick a date, but in reality, it starts today.

At the beginning of the year, I had a strange feeling it was going to be a big one; one worth savoring. And it really has been! Like anything in life, there is going to be good and bad, laughter as well as pain. That’s one of many reasons I believe in the importance of looking back, processing, taking the time to savor the events of our lives. Every bit of it comes together to make up a person completely different from any other human. That’s an amazing thing!

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