A Week at a Time | 12/16/16

When life gets crazy or exciting or overwhelming or things change, I write. It’s always been this way for me. And so as an extension of this, I am going to have a weekly, “here’s a little bit of life”, post. From working in college ministry to life as a part time nanny. Date nights and soccer games on the weekends. Reading and drinking coffee and squeezing in a run. Just taking a moment to look back at what the week has brought me before plunging into that all so wonderful weekend!

Whirlwind week turned into a whirlwind weekend! I am currently en route to central Florida for wedding weekend.  The trip out is going to be a bit rushed, but I am excited to get there and see everyone and then enjoy taking our time a bit on the way home. I already have a few stops in mind.

Christmas Things

While it’s been all about Christmas the past couple weeks, I (now) keep forgetting that Christmas is a week away. My mind has fully switched modes from holidays to wedding/travel things. But I am really kind of okay with that. Every year is different and no December will be like this again. I am honored and excited to watch my friend become a Mrs. and I can’t wait to go on adventures with the boy on our road trip back home.

I often have the tendency to romanticize things, a little bit of a Clark Griswald (National Lampoons Christmas Vacation anyone?), idealistic holiday gathering kind of mindset. But the beauty in it is that it is always different, always changing, (hopefully) growing. I wasn’t planning on doing any more traveling this year, and here I am traveling, seeing old friends, and adventuring with the boy. It’s not what I thought it would or should be, but it’s really beautiful!

Dog Life

Seeing as how the next few weeks I will be pretty much off the radar, we had our friend Christmas last Sunday (and the dogs of my house included). So Zoe got her extra big bone early this Christmas!


“We don’t meet anyone by accident.”

Wedding weekend is here. Can’t wait to see old friends and enjoy the warmer temps of Florida. Especially since DFW is expecting temps in the teens this weekend. Good to get away!  

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