A Week at a Time | 10/28/16

When life gets crazy or exciting or overwhelming or things change, I write. It’s always been this way for me. And so as an extension of this, I am going to have a weekly, “here’s a little bit of life”, post. From working in college ministry to life as a part time nanny. Date nights and soccer games on the weekends. Reading and drinking coffee and squeezing in a run. Just taking a moment to look back at what the week has brought me before plunging into that all so wonderful weekend!

With two big events this week for the college ministry, it’s been a lot of running! Costume contest Tuesday and game night Thursday. So today, I am ready for the weekend. Both were a blast and it was fun to see what everyone came dressed up as! Two girls came dressed up as me. That’s always fun!



Finally settled on a bridesmaid dress! We couldn’t get the color the bride originally wanted, but their grey is going to be so lovely for the outdoor wedding. Such a flattering shape and style and really comfortable as formal dresses go. Glad to have the dress ordered and soon to be on it’s way, as the wedding is in less then 2 months. Hoping the dress that comes in the mail fits as well as the one I tried on and I won’t have to get any alterations done!

Pup Life

I love having Zoe snuggles everyday. She is most happy when she is with someone, anyone. She is catching on so quick with training and loves walks. Just ordered a Chaco leash for running, and hoping she runs as well as she walks! I like this leash because is clips around your waste leaving you hands free. Planning to run and also hike with this fun, bright orange leash.

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While I haven’t had as much time to read as I prefer, I am still working my way through Present Over Perfect. I picked up (or rather downloaded) this book a bit skeptical, and while I can’t say I agree with every bit of it, there are definitely bits that are speaking into my life in crazy ways right now. The chapters are short and I typically read a bit here and there while waiting in a line. I like getting to meetings early and reading until the other person arrives. I enjoy taking a few minutes to sit and be slow before plunging into the work at hand.


“Loving one’s work is a gift. And loving one’s work makes it really easy to neglect other parts of life.” -Shauna Niequist in Present Over Perfect 


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