A Week at a Time | 9/30/16


When life gets crazy or exciting or overwhelming or things change, I write. It’s always been this way for me. And so as an extension of this, I am going to have a weekly, “here’s a little bit of life”, post. From working in college ministry to life as a part time nanny. Date nights and soccer games on the weekends. Reading and drinking coffee and squeezing in a run. Just taking a moment to look back at what the week has brought me before plunging into that all so wonderful weekend! 

Coming to you a little late because man oh man it’s been a week. It’s been a week where balance just didn’t happen (does it ever…?). After babysitting two fun (read: energetic & full of questions) little girls the entire weekend, I jumped right into the work week, and let me tell you, I do not recommend making that a regular thing.


I am so honored to be able to stand up with my dear friend at her wedding in Florida this December. Watching and hearing about her relationship with her soon to be husband has been one of the most encouraging things and I am so incredibly excited to get to stand beside her on her wedding day. Time to find a dress and also a plain ticket… Maybe not in that order. Can’t wait to spend (almost) Christmas with some dear friends in some, hopefully, warm(er)weather.


Very, very excited to have found these little lovelies at DSW this week on the sale rack. $40? Yes, please. It’s the little (and also the very comfortable) things.


Working on Anne of Avonlea currently. Pretty girly read, I know. But I am really enjoying it. I love the imagination alongside the simplicity. Also, between reading this and hearing about my sister’s recent trip to Prince Edward Island, I am ready to start looking for a  plane ticket myself. Have any of you been?

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“If you figured it all out today, what would be the point of tomorrow? Enjoy the process of being a work in progress.”

This weekend is all about getting some much needed quiet time after a whirlwind two weeks. Nothing too glamorous, just Netflix and cleaning and catching up on all those around the house things. 




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