Late Night Notes // Life of a Night Owl

This post was started many weeks ago and has been a work in progress since. 

Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten more sleep in the last few days then I have in the last few weeks. Maybe it’s because I’ve just discovered some great Instagram feeds that have me all inspired and feeling creative. Maybe it’s because I have this sneaking hunch that change is right around the corner and I want it to be something amazing. Maybe it’s because I want to be something different.

But I am feeling all kinds of inspired right now! I have this, I can conquer the world/make my dreams come true/I can create anything feeling, and I’m loving it!

How do I harness this feeling and use it to fuel me into making things happen!?

I have been mulling over and toying with the idea of re-branding for a while now. Wondering what I want this blog to look like, to talk about, to make people feel. And when I think back to what I want this blog to be, I think there are better ways I can be doing that.

I absolutely love travel. It is one of my very favorite things. I am very passionate about it. But my reality right now is that I am not doing that full time. And I have a love for other things that mean something to me, that are molding me, that are shaping me.

I want this blog to encompass a little more than travel. I want to be real and authentic and let you see how to (or how I) weave travel into every day life.

I was recently struck by a quote. It read something like, ‘Live a life that you don’t have to vacation from.’

Wow, right? It’s all about living the day to day in a way that doesn’t make you absolutely, positively have to get away from it. Cherishing (and sometimes looking for) the moments as they come. Letting yourself be real and diverse and multi-faceted. The beauty is in the highs and the lows. Sometimes we have to look a bit harder, but it is there. There is sweetness in all of it. And trust me when I say, I do not always see the sweetness.

So let’s have eyes to look and see together. Whether it’s a good book, an inspiring individual, a snappy outfit, a delicious recipe. Let’s look for beauty in the obvious and the ashes. It’s there.

I want this blog to be about remembering to see the loveliness of the day to day. In looking forward to the big events as well as enjoying the little ones. Job to job, trip to trip, weekend to weekend, moment to moment, there is something beautiful in it and definitely something there to be learned.


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