Because Everyone is Graduating

It’s that time of the year. And if your weekends have looked anything like mine, they’ve been all about graduations and celebrating and inspiring speeches and new chapters. How exciting!

Now I know I may not be the most qualified person to write on the topic of graduating and conquering the world and all that, but I have learned a few things just living life. Day to day, bit by bit, life.

Don’t forget to say thank you. // Whether it’s in person or a text or a good old fashion hand written note, say thank you every time. Don’t take for granted the time others put into you.

Know what’s important to YOU. // What is it that makes you excited, that you are willing to work your butt off for? What are you passionate about? Find that thing and start making waves!

Be true to your word. // Ever heard the expression swear to your own hurt? It usually doesn’t hurt that much to do what you said you would. And think first, don’t be someone who says what people want to hear. Be someone who says what you are going to do.

Be individual. // It’s very Dr Suess of me, but really, no person can be more you than you. Don’t deprive the world of the special, one of a kind gift that you are because you’re trying to be something else.

Be someone who builds others up. // Be someone who you would want to be around. Be someone who helps others see just how great they are and how far they can go.

Travel. // It doesn’t have to be all the time, but do it. See new places and let your mind be opened and your ideas be stretched and your eyes widened at the beauty of different cultures and other ways of life.

Learn to have adventures. // Routine is good, but only to the point that it can be thrown off kilter now and again. I’m a fan of lists and planners and reminders. But I fully believe that sometimes you have got to let life take the reigns. I have never regretted a single time I let that happen. The best stories and the best memories have come from those times.

Congrats class of 2016! 



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