Is Travel Worth It?

My most recent long weekend trips to New York City have come at times when I needed them more then I realized. My eyes were opened to see that maybe I was beginning to approach travel not as a joy, but as a job. Also, being at a point of feeling slightly discouraged and a little aimless, I was so vividly reminded of what I want to pursue and what my work is for.

Being a part of the travel community is a really amazing thing. I love seeing what other people are doing out in the world. I love the encouragement and interaction that happens. I love all the little bits and pieces I learn even just from an Instagram post. There are truly some really cool people doing some amazing things and that is a beautiful thing to see.

But it can be frustrating as well. I want to do all the things at once. I want to go drive the Ring Road in Iceland and see the Northern Lights. I want to take off with a backpack through Europe. I want to hike the Inca trail to Machu Piccu. Or go for a hike in the midnight sun in Alaska.  And that’s when I just feel like I’m not doing one single thing. The hard work seems useless. Sitting gets discouraging.

But travel so quickly reminds me of just how very much I love it. I am reminded that it is something worth pursuing. It draws me in once again. These trips are so much good and continually remind me why I do the work. These short jaunts keep me on track, keep me pressing forward, keep me motivated.

Because I believe travel is worth it. Because I believe there are lessons that can only be learned from going. I believe the feel of foreign streets beneath your feet can bring a joy unlike any other. I believe new landscapes open doors to parts of you you’ve never known. Whether you travel somewhere far and new, or somewhere close and familiar, for a day or a season, just go. Go and be refreshed.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from travel? 

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