2015 Resolutions: The Reckoning

At the beginning of the year, like a lot of other people, I had a few goals for 2015. Taking a look back at these, some went pretty well, a few I pushed to complete, and a couple, I just forget about. Which I don’t like, but hope to learn from that and move forward into this next year. Above all, looking back, I am grateful for the experiences and the challenges. And I’m not too worried about the things I didn’t do, because so many amazing things did happen.

Get a passport. Check! It arrived weeks before I was expecting it to and on Valentines Day no less.

Birthday location. My goal to spend each birthday in my twenties in a different state or country took me to Mexico this year. It was all about taking to open waters, lying on the beach and living that cruise life with some great friends.

Run a half marathon. Nope. But I did increase my weekly mileage and am pretty happy about the amount I ran. And I am already making plans to race this year.

Good things jar. Inspired by Christine over at Cest Christine I have kept a good things jar for the last two years. I always drop in little bits about days that would otherwise be completely forgotten. The jar is filled with big memories and small moments. Quotes that made me laugh or left me inspired. I drop ticket stubs from places I visited or movies I went to see. I had long since forgotten what a friend said that made me laugh and spill my coffee, but at the time I wanted to write it down. And now I enjoy the moment all over again. Moral of the story, good things jar is a good thing. Such a good little way to remember.

Be intentional about monthly goals. It really helped to reorient myself and take little bite size pieces of bigger plans. While the past couple months have been taking busy to a whole new level (read: regular 15 hour work days and fully scheduled weekends) and a couple months came and went before I hardly realized it was a new one, I did do pretty well on this as a whole. It allowed for a time to take a breath and step back for a moment before plunging into a new month. Maybe those busiest times were actually when I needed to reorient, break, and breathe the most. Something to think about.


Go to a new country. Spain was everything beautiful and different! I’m all about enjoying a daily siesta! I ate all the donar and tapas. I chatted with locals in a mix of English and Spanish and went to the same local fruit shop every day. I loved the squares and the the vivid colors of Madrid.

Run more. I rediscovered my love for running not only as exercise for my body but also for my brain. Running is such a mental sport, and my runs have become some of the most relaxing times of my week. No company, no music, just road ahead of me and refreshing inside me.

Do more yoga. Honestly, this is the one I just didn’t really do. But yoga and running compliment each other so well. I’ve picked it up again the past few weeks and plan to incorporate it a lot more over the next few months as I train for a half marathon.


Read 20 books. This goal that was intended to be leisurely and spread out through the year as a way of doing more of something I love. September rolled around and I suddenly realized just how shamefully behind I was. So the past three months have been a mix of deep reads and light reads. Some friends even jumped in and held me accountable by reading books along with me or swapping books. So while I didn’t actually reach my goal of 20 books read, I read a lot of good stuff this year (I even shared some with y’all!). And I intend to keep on doing just that.

Blog. It started, and it’s still going. And you reading right now is something I am so incredibly grateful for.

Words of 2015: 

  • Minimalist — After moving away from a fixed life for 3 months, I downsized a lot. I want to continue considering the value the things around me hold and not be tied down by them.
  • Driven — The opposite of passive. Don’t sit back and let life and opportunities pass by. This goes right along with setting monthly goals. Don’t lose site of what taking the next step looks like, and take time to evaluate.
  • Intentional — In relationships, in time, in life.
  • Spontaneity — Something that I believe characterizes my life already, and I do not want to lose site of it.
  • Balance — To not be driven to the point where of losing site of those around me. To not be spontaneous to the point where a sense of responsibility is lost. So all things must be done in balance.


Cheers to a new year, to new goals, and to new growth.

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