Looking Back on 2015

It’s been a sweet year. Full of the absolutely, completely, unexpected. I wrote, I traveled, I worked, and looking back on all of it is leaving me amazed and truly grateful.

Here’s a look back at the writing, travel, and a little life that occurred throughout 2015.

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The first full month of writing this blog! I can’t even believe it’s been a year since I wrote the very first post on Distantly Present and explained why am I even writing a blog. These are posts I revisit often to remind and reorient.



I started writing through A Summer Away, a series of posts about my summer in North Carolina spent working at a camp on the coast, and spending weekends exploring the local history and going for drives down the coastal highway. I thought through the importance of enjoying the journey and reminisced about my time spent at the oh so beautiful Biltmore Estate.



More from my North Carolina summer, including checking of a travel goal of going to Washington, D.C. to celebrate the Fourth of July rooftop style! I spent a week in the Twin Cities visiting family and doing volunteer work with amazing people. Bonus: I enjoying all the crisp, cool air and sweet Minnesota accents.



April was all about New York City (well mostly, also beautiful, historic Beaufort)! A series of posts about the time I fell in love with The Big Apple while exploring the city with a friend from Australia. This trip remains one of my favorite travel adventures and by extension, these are some of my favorite posts.

New York City Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3



Wrapping up the summer series and processing a few things I learned from my time living on the coast.  Also working on making plans for what’s next. A time of transition and change, a few nerves and healthy dose of excitement!



Explored a little corner of Florida with a week long trip spent reading on the beach, snorkeling, bike riding, and exploring the cutest little town in the movies.

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I spent a good chunk of the month eating geleto, exploring parks, and walking all over Madrid, Spain. It was hot and beautiful and different and inspiring. As far as blog posts go, it was all about flowers and books.



This was a month full of change. Change in work, in relationships, in schedule. The closing of a chapter. So writing consisted of reminiscing about the unexpected beauty and constant surprises during my trip to Madrid!

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Finished reading Through Painted Deserts, and what great timing too. With so much change happening in my life, it was a good time to go on a road trip with Donald Miller. Going with him on his journey of searching and traveling and looking with new eyes. The laughs and lessons from this book came at such a great time.



Sometimes you make plans and they get dashed. And instead you end up discovering something beautiful. Taking a look at the vibrant side of Madrid, which may actually just be the all of Madrid.



Kicked off the month with a trip back to New York City! I fell in love with Central Park in the Fall, and visited Lady Liberty and ate a cannoli in Little Italy. As usual, I am already ready to go back!


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It’s been all about new additions to the family and spending time with the people I love. From celebrating with sweet friends as they graduate and say hello to new seasons to making midnight Whataburger runs with my sisters and watching all the Christmas movies. Enjoying the break from work with plenty of reading, Christmas cookie making, catching up with friends over coffee, and making travel plans for 2016!

I wrote in my very first post that I look forward to looking back. And as I sit here and look back, I am amazed at the last 12 months. Truly amazed at the contrast of what they are versus what I thought they would be. This year has been full of a lot of firsts. It’s also been full of some, not agains. It’s been stretching and humbling and impossible and mind-blowing. I am beyond grateful for every opportunity and each person in my life.

And I am so incredibly grateful for every one of you that read this blog! Thank you for reading, for liking and commenting. Thank you so very much!

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