Trivia and Tea | Cruise Day 2

Day two was an ‘at sea’ day and so spent entirely on board the Carnival Triumph. There was a full schedule of events with something for just about everybody. We opted for a leisurely brunch in the Paris dining room to get the day started.

After some fruit and an omelette, we each went about doing a whole lot of whatever we wanted.  For me that meant playing trivia with some of the girls for a bit before going for a run at the gym located at the very front of the ship. I enjoyed having the gym almost all to myself every time I went. Add to that the ocean as your view, and you have a pretty great set up for a nice long run!

After my run, I quickly freshened up before meeting the others for afternoon tea. This was one of my favorite parts of the trip. It was so fun to meet new people and hear about their cruise experiences. We sat with a woman who had been on multiple cruises and she truly inspired me with her travel experiences. Her next trip was a cruise to Europe to tour the United Kingdom. Even after many years and many trip she still spoke with the anticipation and excitement that only comes with travel.

After tea we enjoyed some sunbathing on the deck before getting ready for the Captain’s dinner that evening. We got dressed up and took so many pictures and enjoyed another delicious meal! After eating all the food I was feeling ready for another run, but instead we all headed back to our room and to get prepped and rested for our day in Cozumel!

Next stop: Cruise Day 3

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