Wide Eyed | Cruise Day 1

Going on a cruise was different from any other travel experience I’ve had to date. So much to take in and really strange to stop and think that all this is happening somewhere in the middle of a huge mass of water.

I went with a group of friends, and we had a blast! From going to play trivia and seeing musicals to comedy shows and dance parties, we had a fun five days. But it was also nice to have the freedom to wander off alone and lay out on the deck or grab a quiet corner of the library to read or go for a nice long run in the gym. The lone wolf part of me enjoyed not being able to use my phone for anything but pictures (read: nobody could get a hold of me and I couldn’t get emails or updates). It really was nice to disconnect and really be present where I was with no notifications or text messages vying for my attention

This was the first cruise for everyone in our group, so day one consisted of a lot of wide eyes and trying to take it all in. After a long morning of driving and dealing with mix ups caused by our travel agent, we were ready to be on the boat and all about getting some food straight away. After lunch we checked out our little room, freshened up a bit and wandered around the ship. A couple of us found a nice quiet spot where we could enjoy the salty breeze and observe the Lido deck from a safe distance.

Day one (also just everyday) dinner was fantastic and overwhelming, in the best possible way, because everything looked amazing. We had a great wait staff who we got to know and share lots of laughs with throughout the week. Someone from our group knew another group that was on the same cruise. We opted for the same meal time and shared a table at dinner. It was fun to have a big group and hear about what everyone did each day and share stories and lots of laughs!

Next stop: Cruise Day 2

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