Travels with Myself and Another

This book. I can not even begin to do it justice. It took me a while to read because, life. But it is truly a beautiful glimpse into what travel used to look like.

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Written by Martha Gellhorn, world traveler, war correspondent and third wife of Ernest Hemingway. She has a straight forward yet humorous way of writing. Her passion for travel is evident in her writing, and her way and approach to travel is absolutely inspiring.

“I rarely read travel books myself, I prefer to travel. This is not a proper travel book. After presenting my credentials so you will believe that I know whereof I speak, it is an account of my best horror journeys, chosen from a wide range, recollected with tenderness now that they are past. All amateur travelers have experienced horror journeys, long or short, sooner or later, one way or another. As a student of disaster, I note that we react alike to our tribulations: frayed and bitter at the time, proud afterwards. Nothing is better for self-esteem than survival.”

-Martha Gellhorn in Travels with Myself and Another  

Martha Gellhorn tells of 5 different travel mis-adventures among her many, many travels. The introduction will get you excited and inspired before you even start the heart of the book. She talks about how when people ask about your travels, they start to glaze over when you tell them of all the amazing things you got to do. But, when you start telling crazy, you won’t believe this stories, they perk up. She jokes that nobody really wants to hear about your travels, but they love to hear about the insanity that happened to you. So she shares some of the insanity.

As someone who loves travel so very much, it is fun to have my thoughts and feelings put into words before me by someone who truly understands. She did some amazing things with her life, and this book is truly a gem getting to read the account of it.

I was in that state of grace which can rightly be called happiness, when body and mind rejoice totally together. This occurs, as a divine surprise, in travels; this is why I will never finish traveling.”

-Martha Gellhorn in Travels with Myself and Another

I found this book by searching ‘travel books’ one afternoon over a year ago. I am so very glad I found it and I have even given it as a gift. This one is well worth the time, and I strongly encourage you to add it to your summer reading!

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