Dreaming Big and What’s Next

Have you ever been bogged down by your dreams? It sounds so contrary to all the motivational quotes and the whimsicality that goes with the term dream, but I think it can happen. Moments where you want so badly to pursue that thing, but being frustrated in knowing that it’s just not time yet. It can be tiring. It can make you all out want to give up, or at least wish you had a more “down to earth” dream.

But that is not the definition of a dream. It is not supposed to be something you can get right now or even tomorrow, but keeps you pushing forward and working hard and looking for opportunities. I will not say fulfilled, because I believe wholeheartedly that fulfillment can only come from one place. I believe we are all unique. We are all made differently and that is a beautiful thing. The dreams we have are placed there for a reason and are big part of who we were made to be.

With that said, I am so very excited to share some plans! While I would say my dream is to travel full time, the reality is, that’s not where I am at right now. I will continue to press on towards that, but also balance being content with where I am.

So, here they are, a few of my travel plans for 2015:

  • Tomorrow, I will be on my way to Florida and adding it to my list of states visited. I can not wait to enjoy the white sand beaches of Destin with a good book and no agenda. Bonus: we’re stopping in New Orleans on the way!
  • For the last 4 years I have been saying, this is the year I make it to Europe. So I am beyond excited to tell you that this July, I am heading to Spain! The trip is paid for, the passport is ready to go and I could not be more excited.
  • Come August, I’m going on a cruise! I have never been before, but I have heard so many good things from people who love cruises. I am excited to spend time with a sweet group of  friends, meet new people, enjoy delicious food, and enjoy an excursion or two.

Of course, I will be bringing tales and takeaways from my travels back here with posts and pictures. But you can also follow me on social media. Distantly Present is on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook where I will post a little more real time stuff (let’s be honest, pictures mostly) from my travels.

And let me just say, I am so very glad to be a part of the blogging world. There are some really amazing people out there doing crazy, awesome things with their life. They are encouraging and inspiring and I want to meet them and tell them that. It is such an amazing community and I am blessed to be a part of it.

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