Rainbow Over the Big Tree

One day after a particularly long week (few weeks), I saw the first rainbow.  Occasionally after a hard rain, a great big rainbow would stretch across the sky, over the Big Tree and end in the water of the Bogue Sound. Often we do not realize just how much we need encouragement until it is given to us, and that was the case. How so very like the Lord to remind me that He is a promise keeper. I knew that going out to North Carolina and working at camp was the right things to do, but I had forgotten. I had forgotten all the ways He had led me to that very point, but He was faithful to remind me. I was tired and trying to work on my own strength, He reminded me of my weakness in contrast to His strength. Most of all, He showed me His nearness in that moment, and then continued to do so the remainder of the summer.

The picture’s not superb and maybe this isn’t the longest, most eloquent post, but this was a big part of my summer away. Learning more about the Lord’s character. Growing in intimacy with my Savior. Wrestling to rest in Who He is instead of trying to rely on myself. Being willing to let go of my desires and trust that He is better. And He is so much better.


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