I set two travel goals for myself last summer. While living and working in a new state was exciting and new, I did not want to settle in and get too comfortable. I wanted to continue looking for opportunities, to keep moving forward. I wanted to continue to accomplish goals and collect memories. So somehow, I wanted to 1.) Spend the Fourth of July in Washington D.C. and 2.) go to New York City. I decided this with no idea what my schedule at camp would be the weekend of July 4th, and not one single plan in place to get me to NYC, but this was on my mind and I would cross the logistics bridge later.

As it turned out, all activities at camp got shut down over the weekend of July 4th. Hurricane Arthur was coming right for us which forced us to cancel Family Camp weekend. This meant, after everything was secured down Wednesday afternoon, I was off for three days straight. Hello opportunity!


First things first, soak up some of that rooftop view.



The afternoon of July 4th was the perfect time to take a ride on the new National Wheel and enjoy a delicious waterfront lunch.




Back to the rooftop to enjoy a fantastic fireworks show! My favorite part: being surrounded by people from just about every country but the U.S.A.


Brunch at Ted’s Bulliten (I highly reccomend stopping by on your next trip to D.C. They have cinnamon rolls the size of your face!), a little rooftop hammocking and a wander through the library mall before heading back to North Carolina.


I was craving some chili, must be the Texas in me.


Always looking for the perfect spot to put up my ENO Hammock.



Having goals in place was the first step. I definitely spent some time researching ways to get there, but in the end it was me keeping my eyes open for the opportunity and being willing to say yes when it came. While many would say racing a hurricane and driving 7 hours one way for two days is crazy, for me it was a dream come true. Opportunities come and pass every day, it is when we have the eyes to see and the heart to pursue them that things happen. Sometimes, most times, it includes work and dedication on our part. Sometimes they are dropped in our lap. Either way, it is a blessing to pursue the road before us and to press on with a willingness to be open minded and enjoy the journey.

This is not a sponsored post, all opinions and photos are my own.

Have you every been to Washington D.C.? What are some of your favorite things to do there?

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