Enjoying the Road

The car was loaded. The goodbyes had been said. The fuel tank was full. A mug of liquid energy sat in the cup holder. A dear friend by my side. And so it began. I set out into the dark Monday morning.

The plan was to make it to Nashville, Murfreesburo actually, to stay with a friend and explore middle Tennessee for a few days. I have been to Tennessee multiple times, and one of my favorite things is the rich history that this state has seen. And so as the miles continue on and the fuel/bathroom/stretch your leg stops get routine, it was nice to mix it up a bit.

So nearing the end of the days’ allotment of driving, we pulled off the highway, went down a few back roads and found a bit of history.






No family ties. No recommendations. No promise of breathtaking scenery or awe  inspiring landscape. No plan to seek out this specific little patch of history. Just a little bit of a ‘Why Not?’ mindset mixed with some road weariness.

My family took a lot of road trips when I was growing up, but always with the end goal in mind. We rarely took time to enjoy the trip there and back. But I had set out on a journey. I had little to no idea of what would be expected and what the next 3 months would look like. I was a blank canvas that was so very ready to find out what colors and shapes the next chapter of life would include. I wanted to enjoy every bit of it, there and back and everything in between. So while there was still a good amount of pressing forward to reach each day’s destination, and every stop along the way stop could not be made, the road was kind and the trip was sweet and memories were made.

Don’t get your eye too fixed on the destination so that you forget about the road it takes to get there. Because that would mean missing out on a whole lot of life!

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