Memories As We Move Forward

I hope y’all have a feel for what I hope this blog will encompass. I hope you understand more my desire to share my love for writing, history, and travel with you on this small bit of internet.

So let’s get started shall we? The next series of posts will primarily be sharing words about and pictures of some of my very favorite travel adventures to date. As I type this post I have been making plans and putting thoughts into action for future travel. I can not wait to share those plans and eventually the realities of those trips with you, but that is for a later day and a different post.

I am excited to recall and relive moments from the past as I share some of the miles I’ve been blessed to travel and the people I’ve met and the places that hold a special place in my heart. Hopefully this will be an inspiration to you to remember your own travels. Hopefully this will be a reminder, a motivation to get up and go. Go far away. Go near by. But go. With new eyes and wondering thoughts, see new things.

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