Why Am I Writing a Blog?

This is a question I have mulled over and audibly asked myself and wrestled with and laughed at and pushed to the back of my mind until the process repeats itself, more times than I can count. Do I just believe I have so much to offer readers? Certainly not. Is it because I need an outlet? Maybe. It will be a lot of work, but it is worth it, right? Yes. Yes. That answer has always been yes.

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There is a certain joy that comes from writing. For as long as I can remember, the ownership of a new, blank notebook brought an excitement unlike any other to me. The idea of 100+ pages of blank paper waiting to be filled with a myriad of words all strung together to produce stories and memories, or lists and goals, records of people and hopes and hurts, it is the joy of the glorious unknown. Only the Lord knew what would come to be recorded on those pages, I was just along for the ride and a new notebook felt like taking the first step of that adventure.

Writing brings clarity. When words come out of your brain they are just that, out of your brain. Sometimes they have long been processed in the confines of your thoughts and come out eloquent and precise, but other times they are a jumbled mess waiting to be made sense of, which simply cannot happen until they are outside of ones head. Writing forces oneself to take the time to think, but also to ride the wave of inspiration when it comes.

God is good. He has placed this heart inside of me. This heart with the desire to travel, to go on adventures, to explore history, to roam and to write. In the Old Testament, when the Lord brought the Israelites out of Egypt, He continually reminded them of the great things He had done for them. I want to share the great things He is doing in the life of a broken human. And in doing so, be reminded of the amazing love of God who is in the business of doing amazing and powerful things.

And so begins Distantly Present. The name inspired by a quote that touches so close to where I am at so often. Torn between contentment with the sweet blessings of where I am currently, while simultaneously aching for new landscapes, new people, and new horizons. And this is the record of that battle, of that restlessness.

And in the end, I will have put down words. Experiences. Tales. Travels. Records. History. Testimonies. That is never a waste of time.

2 thoughts on “Why Am I Writing a Blog?

  1. I like this a lot! I can totally relate to your comment about blank notebooks. I have many of all sizes, sadly, still blank. 😦 I’m hopeful about the prospect of having a public blog because I think a public one will force me to write something instead of sitting for hours with pen poised over the blank page wondering what to write. I also collect books filled with prompts and prompts websites.


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