Firmly resolved or determined; set in purpose or opinion.

Actions of 2015:

  1. Get a passport {take the next step}
  2. Birthday location {I have previously resolved to spend every birthday in my 20’s in a different state or country}
  3. Run a half marathon {see also number 7}
  4. Good things jar {remember and record}
  5. Be intentional about monthly goals {step by step we climb entire mountains}
  6. Go to a new country {this should be number 1, because it is forefront on my mind and in my heart}
  7. Run more {because I love it and do not make enough time for it}
  8. Do more yoga {because we need balance}
  9. Read 20 books {more reading time, less screen time}
  10. Blog {check}

Words of 2015:

  • Minimalist — After moving away from a fixed life for 3 months, I downsized a lot. I want to continue considering the value the things around me hold and not be tied down by them.
  • Driven — The opposite of passive. Don’t sit back and let life and opportunities pass by. This goes right along with setting monthly goals. Don’t lose site of what taking the next step looks like, and take time to evaluate.
  • Intentional — In relationships, in time, in life.
  • Spontaneity — Something that I believe characterizes my life already, and I do not want to lose site of it.
  • Balance — To not be driven to the point where of losing site of those around me. To not be spontaneous to the point where a sense of responsibility is lost. So all things must be done in balance.

Ultimately, these are areas where I hope to see growth.

I look forward to looking back.

One thought on “Resolute

  1. This was nice and inspiring. It made me want to write my own list.. I have set a few goals for 2015, one of them is to read more. But i haven’t made a specific list, like you. Now I think that may be a good idea 🙂 good luck with reaching all your goals!

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