On the Brink of Something Big

This is the end. This is the beginning.

And that is how I wish to view life.

At the brink of something big, to remember to look back. To never take for granted the steps that lead to the place where I now stand. Where I pause but for a moment, for walk on I must.

I can not rightly tell you what all this blog will touch on, as I do not know what life will hold in the following days just as sure as I would never have been able to guess at the events my life has held up until now. This sparks a bit of excitement deep down inside me. A sense of wonder. I wish to inspire, as I have been inspired, by the work that goes on in the life of a single person. I can’t wait to see the words and photos that will fill this blog.

It will most assuredly be a grand adventure.

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