I believe that travel makes you see things you didn’t even know you were missing. I believe that it is one of the most important experiences a person can have.

I am not a full time “travel blogger”. I’m not a classic “lifestyle blogger”. I’m not a “fashion blogger”. I am not huge adrenaline junkie. But I am all of those things a little bit.

I want to build a life that I don’t need a vacation from. I believe that there is adventure in every day, you just have to have the eyes to see it and a heart that wants it. I am always looking for opportunities to travel and make the most of it. Whether it’s visiting family, a solo trip, or a getaway with the girls, I make the very most of each trip. Life is real and it is sweet. Highs and lows, it is sweet. Somedays I see that very clearly, and some days I am wrestling to see it.

So, I want to be a lot honest and a little vulnerable and share with you what that all looks like. I want to help you see ways you can maximize travel, minimize the weight of things, and feel great doing it! My hope is that you can be encouraged, have a laugh, and enjoy your life for just what it is right now, right where you are!

Why Am I Writing a Blog?

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